Sunday, 4 August 2013


Acrylic paint applied with a plastic pastry brush (used exclusively for paint!!!) and a rigger paint brush onto sugar paper

Inktense Blocks, onto cartridge paper, used on side to make thick marks and on the end to highlight. 

Inktense pencils  and water onto cartridge paper

Acrylic paint applied thickly onto cartridge paper using side of credit card

Acrylic paint applied with a three inch decorating paint brush and rigger water colour brush onto

Acrylic paint applied to Khadi paper using a two inch paint brush and very little water

This is a photocopy of the original piece used for the stitch samples.  It was acrylic paint applied using a variety of  brushes and varying degrees of water
Marks using an old paintbrush and bleach onto tissuetex

As above but onto black tissue paper and mounted onto a coloured background


I enjoy monoprinting and decided to use my Ohm shape as a mask/resist - the yellow one is masked with the off cuts.

These following are photo copies of the monoprints that have been cut up and made into new compositions, the possibilities and permutations of such an exercise are endless.  I enjoyed doing this  


The sample mentioned previously has been torn into four and worked into by various methods

Pin tucks have been machine stitched to emphasise the linear pattern and mounted onto torn yellow Khadi paper

Mounted onto a blue fabric with the edges frayed and embellished with hand stitching to emphasise the curves and blocks of colour.  Just using simple running stitch and French knots.

Mounted onto torn  Khadi paper and machine stitching added highlight the painted pattern.  Using free machining, an automatic pattern  and straight stitch.

The original painting has been extended using felt tip pens, torn into four further pieces and mounted onto other khadi paper as a collage
This is a convenient point, towards the end of Module 1, at which to stop in order to change to the Certificate so embarking on that creative journey before returning to the Diploma.

Chapter 8 July 2013

Edges as Lines

These designs show my Ohm sign drawn on a pile of
patterned papers, cut out with varying parts stuck on coloured  backgrounds.
I was not quite sure what was required with this but it was fun to do  and I have a good selection of designs so hopefully I got the points.

I can t get this text to just go alongside the pictures nor can I get the pictures to sit side by side !!

Looking for Edges and Lines Around  Shapes

These last two images should be at the beginning with Edges as Lines but they refuse to move!!


Sunday, 19 May 2013

May 2013 Chapter 7 Colour & Texture in Stitch

At long last, after such an unsettled time, I m back to normality (???) and have been able to do some Diploma work.  This chapter was wonderful - I really enjoyed doing it - here are the results: